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Dean Del Sesto

Author of ShiftPoints

Dr Tony Ganem is nothing short of a gift to Mankind. His understanding of disease, conditions, and other health-related issues far surpasses any doctor I’ve ever been to. And his approach to bringing wellness to my life was completely different than any other doctor as well. His recommendations, overall direction and support have made a huge impact in my life. I have a ton more energy, I think clearer, sleep better, and along with that I have lost weight as well. Most importantly, I have an understanding of what it takes to remain in good health with lifestyle changes that were both palatable and made sense. I share Dr. Tony with everybody I get a chance to because he is a game changer for anyone who is serious about maxing out their life. As for those who I have recommended thus far, they’ve all had similar success to me – every one of them. Thanks Dr Tony.

Garid Beeler

Pastor of Vision City Church

Dr. Tony has been such a huge blessing to me, and to my family for over ten years. Previous to meeting Dr. Tony, I had struggled with severe back pain from some college basketball injuries that I thought I would never recover from. Thanks to Dr. Tony that pain has yet to return! I highly recommend him and BodyPro Chiropractic.

Eric Heard

Pastor at Mariners Church

We have run the seminar Your Body for God at Mariners Church for years. The seminar is captivating, highly informational, and wonderfully practical. Dr. Tony has an amazing ability at taking complex knowledge of the body and explaining it in a way that the average person can understand. I love that he uses biblical principles along with current science to present truths that help people get healthy and love God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who wants the wisdom of the Scriptures when it comes to their health.

Joy Welsh

Director of Women's Ministry | Refuge Calvary Chapel

Since going through Dr. Tony’s program I am enjoying a much healthier lifestyle and as a consequence of that lifestyle I have lost 50lbs, no longer need blood pressure medicine, no more need for IB everyday and I have more energy than I’ve had in a very long time. I was surprised to see how fast the weight dropped and my energy increased.

Rob Nash

Simply the Story Ministry

In the Fall of 2011 I attended one of Dr Tony’s Saturday weight loss seminars. I had noticed a few extra pounds and also my belly seemed hard and when I bent over to tie my shoes I was unable to breath! So I thought what could I loose and see what Dr Tony might recommend. Dr Tony had already proved himself to be reliable, honest and knowledgeable with chiropractic work he had done on me.

Much to my surprise he started into chemistry explanations of the inner workings of the human body in laymen’s terms. I had a masters degree from UC Davis in Organic Chemistry Synthesis, so my memory was jogged and I could see the validity of what he was saying.

I had experienced a sever thyroid storm many years earlier that almost killed me, and then mysteriously went away, leaving my thyroid unable to produce properly (at least that was the explanation at the time) and so I had been on synthetic thyroid supplementation for many years.

Also my HDL cholesterol was very low and I was taking Crestor to boost the HDL level now for several years.

I went for it all the way, 14 tubes of blood, and saliva tests and then consultants with Dr Tony, a very strict diet to get things in better shape and then additional blood tests and experimentation with sosme supplementation. Long story short after 6+ months of rigorous discipline to follow Dr Tony’s recommendations to the “T” I ended up losing 40 extra pound I did not need and returned to the same waist I had about 25 years earlier. By the way I am 69 years old. Also I gained much more energy and better sleep.

Now it DID take creativity and much discipline to do all Dr Tony recommended and to come back for other test to check on the progress.

I have reaped very huge rewards! Now for two years in a row, my family doctor, same Dr I have had for 20+ years has told me “the numbers are the best you have ever had.” This is in reference to the blood work. And also I am not taking ANY prescription drugs. The payback financially came as I applied for long term care insurance and received Preferred Plus rating, saving me $1,500+ per year in premiums. Who says good preventative health does not pay?

Both my health and my finances have benefitted by making g the investment, and I can honestly come to the Lord and offer my body a living sacrifice to Him. I am not coming with what is left over after I fulfill my own lazy lustful eating and exercise habits, but I am giving Him the best I can do and that is a blessing to me!

I wish everyone could enjoy these same benefits. I have encouraged people to connect with Dr Tony and follow the program, and sadly most of them may connect and then do not follow the program faithfully and then conclude the program is not helping. This DOES take discipline and commitment, as does anything else in the Christian life in order to achieve excellence.

I encourage you, go for it for a t least 1 year in complete and total discipline to all Dr Tony recommends. I do believe you will, like me be eternally grateful that the Lord provided Dr Tony as a resource to assist each of us in tuning our body that it might be the best sacrifice to give to Him for His glory.

Jim Governale

Morning Radio Host | KKLA Los Angeles

I cannot overstate the impact that Dr. Tony Ganem and the folks at BodyPro Wellness have had on my life. From my initial meeting and experiencing his seminar, I was amazed at his knowledge and the passion he has to share it with others! Talk about contagious…Once I started working closer with Dr. Tony, He was able to work with me and run periodic tests and break down my labs (and blood work) in a way that I’ve never seen it done before.

I cannot recommend highly enough Dr. Tony Ganem and BodyPro Wellness. Do yourself a favor and check out one of his Saturday seminars. You’ll learn so much that you’ll be amazed that it’s free!