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Personalized health programs

Our Personalized Health Programs begin with an Assessment of your health status, Comprehensive Biomarker testing, Interactions with our Health Care Practitioners, and a customized plan for your success. We include Monthly or Bi-Monthly appointments as well as an Online Portal for quick interactions between our Members and our Health Professionals and Staff. Our visits can be conducted in-person, over the phone or even via Skype.

Church wellness programs

Includes speaking to your congregation and Church team about the wonders of the body, Health Stewardship, and a plan for True Health. All the services in the Corporate wellness program are also available to churches.

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Corporate & Executive Wellness Programs

We customize a program which can include speaking on various health-related topics, instituting Health Assessment Questionnaires, Biomarker Testing, Personal Consultations with Employees, Exercise classes, Diet Monitoring, Chair Massage, Video Messages, Podcasts, and an Interactive Portal for Communication to keep your Employees accountable and Healthy.

Health Consulting:
  • Gluten coaching
  • Personalized Lifestyle Medicine/Nutritional Consulting
  • Executive Wellness Coaching
  • Exercise Prescription
  • In-Person & Tele/Skype Coaching
  • Personalized Detoxification Programs & Cleanses
  • Personalized Menu/Recipe Designs
Physical Medicine:
  • Chiropractic Medicine
  • Massage
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Cold Laser Therapy
Health Analysis:
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Digital X-ray
  • Heart Rate Variability Testing
  • Exercise Recovery Testing
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Advanced Celiac Testing
  • Gluten Cross-reactivity Testing
  • Digestive Testing
  • Micronutrient Testing
  • Hormone Testing
  • Adrenal Function Testing
  • Genetic Testing
  • Inflammatory Marker Testing
  • Cardiovascular Risk Marker Testing
  • Interactive Electronic Medical Record portal
  • Diet Monitoring/Nutritional Analysis

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