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I cannot overstate the impact that Dr. Tony & the folks at BodyPro Wellness have had on my life. From my initial meeting & experiencing his seminar, I was amazed at his knowledge & the passion he has to share it with others!
Jim Governale Jim Governale

Morning Radio Host | KKLA Los Angeles

Dr. Tony has an amazing ability at taking complex knowledge of the body and explaining it in a way that the average person can understand. I love that he uses biblical principles along with current science to present truths that help people get healthy and love God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind.
Eric Heard Eric Heard

Pastor at Mariners Church

Frequently Asked Seminar Questions
Why do you ask your potential clients to attend a seminar before coming in?

We ask people who wish to become clients to attend a seminar first, because so many of the questions that often come up in our programs are addressed at the seminar. We find that those who invest time in educating themselves prior to starting one of our programs, progress much more quickly! Our Seminars are free. We feel that educating the public is simply something that Health Professionals should do, after all, the word “Doctor” actually means “Teacher.” Not everyone who comes to our seminar comes with the idea of doing one of our programs. Some simply come in order to become more informed about health topics.

Is it really a free seminar?

Our seminars really are free. You will receive lots of information about how to become healthier without having to pay anything! At the end of the seminars, and only for those who really come with the mindset of starting a program, we will spend 10 minutes describing our programs for those who wish to know more. For those who will have come just to learn, you will learn more than you expect to learn from a free seminar!

Do I have to come to the seminar?

We’ve learned from experience that those who educate themselves about our unique process prior to starting our programs do much better. So, at this point, we require people to attend one of our seminars in order to become a client. The only exception to this are people outside of California.