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Dr. Tony Ganem is considered among the industry and his peers to be a leader in the area of total health and wellness. With a mind for health and a heart for people, you can count on information that is straightforward and to the point; information that can make a powerful difference in changing your paradigms toward health and wellness.

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Overcoming Autoimmune Processes (Celiac, Rheumatoid, etc.)

God created EVERYTHING that you see, for YOU! You should not react to foods and natural things, and you CERTAINLY shouldn’t react to YOU! Understand the 3-things that cause cause this to happen, and how to potentially stop this process, and regain your health and tolerance!

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Blood Sugar Problems (Understanding the Dynamics of Diabetes)

Did you know that 1/3rd of American Adults are either Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic? Did you know that the CDC expects 100% of the population to have blood sugar problems by 2050? Learn about the early signs of blood sugar problems. Learn about many of its causes. Finding the cause is ALWAYS a wise thing to do in trying to create health in the body!

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God Designed Nutrition for Optimal Health

God created the Garden of Eden for US! Learn about the POWER of nutrients, vegetables, water, oxygen, and so much more! Today, people are taking care of their diseases; but what if they were to actually take care of health? It’s time to turn that around. Learn about God’s amazing design for health. Your life (and health) depends on it!

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Cholesterol – Friend or Foe?

Did you know that your body makes about 75-80% of the Cholesterol that you see on your blood test? Listen to this show to understand WHY God causes the body to make Cholesterol. Learn about LDL and HDL (hint – they aren’t good and bad cholesterol).

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Your Immune Defense System

Your Immune System was designed by God to protect you from anything foreign that might enter the body. Learn how to boost your immune system to protect you from “foreign invaders”, but also how to make sure your immune system isn’t being used to turn against your own body tissues (Autoimmune Diseases).

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Blood Pressure

When I ask people, “Did your Doctor tell you WHY you have high blood pressure?” I often get a bewildered look. There are MANY causes of high blood pressure. What’s yours? Finding your cause, and removing it, may just save your life!

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