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  • Jim Governale
    I cannot overstate the impact that Dr. Tony & the folks at BodyPro Wellness have had on my life. From my initial meeting & experiencing his seminar, I was amazed at his knowledge & the passion he has to share it with others!
    Jim Governale

    Morning Radio Host | KKLA Los Angeles

  • Eric Heard
    Dr. Tony has an amazing ability at taking complex knowledge of the body and explaining it in a way that the average person can understand. I love that he uses biblical principles along with current science to present truths that help people get healthy and love God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind.
    Eric Heard

    Pastor at Mariners Church

  • Since going through Dr. Tony's program I am enjoying a much healthier lifestyle and as a consequence of that lifestyle I have lost 50lbs, no longer need blood pressure medicine, no more need for IB everyday and I have more energy than I've had in a very long time. I was surprised to see how fast the weight dropped and my energy increased.
    Joy Welsh

    Director of Women's Ministry | Refuge Calvary Chapel

  • I encourage you, go for it for at least 1 year in complete and total discipline to all Dr. Tony recommends. I do believe you will, like me be eternally grateful that the Lord provided Dr. Tony as a resource to assist each of us in tuning our body that it might be the best sacrifice to give to Him for His glory.
    Rob Nash

    Simply the Story Ministry

  • Garid Beeler
    Dr. Tony has been such a huge blessing to me, and to my family for over ten years. Previous to meeting Dr. Tony, I had struggled with severe back pain from some college basketball injuries that I thought I would never recover from. Thanks to Dr. Tony that pain has yet to return!
    Garid Beeler

    Pastor of Vision City Church

  • Dean Del Sesto
    Dr. Tony Ganem's understanding of health and health related issues far surpasses any doctor I've ever been to... I have a ton more energy. I think more clearly, sleep better, and along with all that, I've lost weight as well.... I share Dr. Tony with everybody I get a chance to because he is a game changer for anyone who is serious about maxing out their life.
    Dean Del Sesto

    Author of ShiftPoints


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